What's in a name?

This month we've said good-bye to Orcahrd House Antiques and hello to Grantham Antiques. We've changed our name as our larger LLC has been sold, and the buyers have decided to keep the Orchard House umbrella. But that's ok - it gives us a chance to change and grow. We're still searching for exquisite and unique items; and we'll be posting highlights on this page.

While we don't have a physical store any more, we will be at a few shows this year. And you can always email us if you're looking for something special. Because we're always shopping, and have probably seen every item at least once - why should you spend the time looking for a treasure? We'll get it for you.

And don't forget, we're still appraising. If you're looking to sell and item, or want to know what something's worth, let us know. We're happy to help!

Posted on March 10, 2015 .